Sijil Program Pengkhususan Terbuka (SPPT)

  • SPPT refers to an academic program specialization certificate that consists of four (4) courses (12 credits) that are specially designed in a packaged or non-packaged to allow students to master specific knowledge or skills.
  • SPPT is optional for students and it is offered based on sharing expertise shared by lecturers.
  • Graduates who complete one of the four (4) courses will be awarded a course completion certificate, Sijil Tamat Kursus (STK) while graduates who successfully complete all four (4) designated courses will be awarded an open specialization certificate, Sijil Program Pengkhususan Terbuka (SPPT)

SPPT Courses Offered by FTKA

i) BET 2373   Construction Engineering                                    3 credit hours
ii) BET 2413   Project Scheduling                                                3 credit hours
iii) BET 2422   Financial Management for Decision Making  3 credit hours
iv) BET 3582  Digital Construction Technology                       3 credit hours